A fully articulating jib designed for use with an Xtreme Reach telehandler, the MezzMaster allows for dramatically safer and faster roof and floor panelization and installation.

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With the innovation of BZI’s Panel Table and the ability it brings for teams to assemble panels at ground level, an equally vital new piece of equipment was required to lift assembled panels and bring them into place.


We created the patented MezzMaster, a telehandler attachment that consists of a system of clamps, leverages, and controls that will securely hold an assembly while navigating through the building footprint to final placement. The clamp system is adaptable for joist assemblies, as well as wide-flange assemblies.


“At BZI we start our erection processes a little unconventional with a top-down approach. The MezzMaster is a big part of what makes that possible.”

Joseph Jessop BZI